Occam Marketing

We Are
Reduction Marketers.

We help organizations get unstuck...

We Are Reduction, Marketers.

We help organizations get unstuck by eliminating unnecessary complexity in order to find the most direct path to success.

Most organizations don’t lack ideas.

They lack the filter to prioritize the ideas that will have the greatest impact. There are simply too many directions, initiatives and opinions clouding the solution and paralyzing the progress.

Add to this the ungraspable proliferation of information, and companies find themselves "beached" on the island of analysis overload. In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, the swift and nimble survive. At OCCAM, we help our clients get unstuck.

We Sell
Your Product, Not Ours.

The solution could easily fit on a 3x5 index card...

We Sell Your Product, Not Ours.

After decades in the advertising business, we started OCCAM out of sheer frustration. We grew weary over "creating fog" and peddling mountains of unnecessary decks, PowerPoint presentations and binders, when the solution could easily fit on a 3 x 5 index card.

Agencies and consultants today spend more time packaging their overly complicated proprietary processes than they do creating simple, tangible, differentiating ideas that actually help their clients “sell” products.

The industry itself has turned to selling its own "sizzle" over its clients' steaks.

Why? Good old-fashioned marketing. You can charge a whole lot more for "The Value Chain Maximizer" than you can for a few unadorned pages of critical thinking. Simply put, they are charging by the pound for filling binders with vague theory and marketing jargon.

At OCCAM, we’re not in the business of "creating buzz" or "viral experiences" or "social connections." We're in the business of selling products by developing a vision that:

  • Clearly defines the brand's purpose so that everyone in the organization can quickly grasp and help sell in the reason for being.
  • Compels consumers to choose you over the competition.

We Create Tangibility.

Actionable ideas that create brand preference...

We Create Tangibility.

Tangibility is all about delivering and executing actionable ideas that drive top-line growth.

“Like us for a free taco” is not an idea. Too many marketing plans lack tangible ideas that actually drive growth. We’re not talking about media strategies, promotions or executional approaches. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are not ideas. They are merely platforms for sharing ideas.

In today’s over-served marketplace, where there are more products and services than there are consumers to buy them, simply "Liking" your brand in order to download a coupon isn’t a strategy that is going to position your brand for long-term growth.

Tangibility creates real motivating reasons to choose one brand over another.

OCCAM’s role is to help companies identify those tangible reasons, to rally the entire organization around them, effectively communicate them to consumers and then drive those reasons through every aspect of your business.

These are the reasons why:

  • Employees come to work every day
  • Customers stay with you
  • Consumers try you
  • Wall Street loves you